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Finally stop the breakouts, dry skin, and blemishes!
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Tired of the acne breakouts and oily skin? Or do you suffer from dry skin and redness? Well it's time to start fixing all of that! Join me for the 7-Day Clear Skin Challenge where we will combat these issues together!

You and me will embark on a skincare challenge together that will start you on a path to gorgeous glowing skin AND give you results in just 7 short days.

And you can achieve all of your dream skin goals with items you probably already have in your pantry or can find at your local health food store. 

Each day of the challenge, you'll receive an email from me explaining one aspect of your steps to that gorgeous glow and giving you the reason why I've asked you to incorporate certain things. You'll basically be on your path to becoming an expert for your own skin.

You'll also have support and the opportunity to ask questions within my private Facebook Group, Inner Goddess, Outer Glow.

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Meet your host, Leah Patterson
Leah Patterson is a holistic beauty and wellness coach that teaches you how to live like a Goddess through mind, body, and spirit balance, beautiful skin and vibrant living! 

She spends her time between blogging at her personal website, running her sweatproof, natural cosmetics line MOVE Makeup, and teaching salsa dancing in her big little city of Little Rock, AR.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram (@leahrpatterson), her two favorite social media hangouts.

Fun fact: Peanut, chocolate, and banana smoothies are the way to her heart!